Experience Pakistan Winners trip to Pakistan

The winners of the Experience Pakistan Project have returned from their ten-day holiday in Pakistan and were unanimous in terming their tour an astounding success. A total of five teams from four President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharrafparticipating schools comprising seven teachers and thirty-two children were accompanied by seven panel judges on this trip that took them to Islamabad, The Khyber Pass, Peshawar, Swat Valley and Lahore.

Sponsored by Akhter and organised by the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation, the tour encompassed a call on the President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf, dinner with the Governor of the Frontier province and tea with Governor of the Punjab. They were feted by the Minister of Sports, Tourism and Culture in the company of national cricket and hockey players and treated to a polo match between an all female touring team from Europe playing against Pakistan Boys.

The tourists were guests of the Khyber Rifles, witnessing their watch over the Khyber Pass as well as their tribal dance, which a privileged few like HRH Prince Phillip, a young Winston Churchill and the late Princess Diana have partaken of over the years.

A scenic Swat Valley, a Buddhist monastery, many Mughal architectural feats, The National Museum, Kim’s Gun, travel along the Grand Trunk Road and the famous salt mines at Khewra were included in an itinerary that sought to bring the group a step closer to the land, its people and a rich and diverse heritage.

General Pervez Musharraf greeting the winnersThis is just a flavour of what the tour comprised and we are sure that the experiences of the participants will enrich it. Watch this space for pictorial and thematic coverage of the Experience Pakistan Tour as soon as the participants contributions start to pour in. General Pervez Musharraf talking with the Experience Pakistan 2002 winners
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Experience Pakistan Competition 2002

The winners of the Experience Pakistan competition 2002 visited Pakistan from 26th March to 4th April. The competition is now closed.

The Akhter Education Trust

Akhter Computers Ltd has been providing computer and communication solutions to education since the early 1980s. In 1998, the company established the Akhter Education Trust to promote understanding between the youth of Britain and Pakistan.

The trust is keen to promote exposure of multicultural British youth to Pakistan on the basis of demonstrated interest to seek understanding of its people, customs and history. The Trust encourages the use of information and communication technology, with emphasis on developing research skills. The Trust offered a trip to Pakistan for winning groups in the Experience Pakistan project.


The Project

Experience Pakistan was a project for Year 9 & 10 pupils to research any aspect of Pakistan and then produce a Web Based, Multi Media Presentation on their chosen subject(s).

A panel of judges, comprising eminent personalities who have had an association with Pakistan in their individual or professional capacities, assessed all presentations.

The initiative seeks to sow the seeds of understanding and harmony between peoples who share a bond strengthened through the fusion of multi-ethnic impulses in Britain and Pakistan. It is entirely non-political in intent and encourages non-gender-specific participation from all backgrounds, faiths and cultures.