In light of events over the last few years (Afghanistan and Iraq), can you confirm the winners will still travel to Pakistan?
We observe Foreign and Commonwealth Office guidelines on any advisory notices should there be any inadvisability of travel to Pakistan. Should any such advice exist, when the successful groups are due to visit Pakistan, then of course we would postpone the visit until an appropriate time.

How was the Experience Pakistan web-site created?
The website was created using Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks MX, Photoshop7, Flash MX and uses ASP (Active Server Pages) code plus Javascript and VBsript.
What is the password for the login section?
The password to login is the one you created when you registered for the competition.

Can we ftp our web files to our own webspace area instead of sending a CD?
This used to be possible but we have now moved to more secure servers in order to prevent hacking, viruses etc. An implication of this has been a restriction on uploading files to our web-area for the Experience Pakistan competition. We would now prefer your competition entries ideally on CD or if this is not possible by email. If this presents anybody with problems please let me know by replying to
Can we send our entry by email or on floppy disks?
No. Due to the success of the annual Experience Pakistan competition and the amount of entries we are now receiving every year, we can now only accept entries on CD's. Any entries recieved by email or on floppy disks will be disqualified.
Where do we send our competition entries?
Send them to: c/o Steve Tiller, Experience Pakistan competition, Akhter House, Perry Road, Harlow, Essex, CM18 7PN.
Are we limited in what software we can use to create our multi media presentation?
Generally no. Software that has been used for previous competitions range from Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Publisher and Powerpoint to animated software like Poser and Bryce. However if you are going to use something different or out of the ordinary it is best to check first.
How are the entries viewed?
All entries received are combined and put on the relevant number of CD'S so that the judges may view them at home and at their leisure before discussing the merits of each presentation with the other judges. Additionally every entry is also converted to be viewed over the Internet.

Can a school field multiple teams?
Yes; there is no bar on the number of teams entered by any one school.
Can we have more than five pupils and a supervising tutor in a team?
No: the numbers have to be kept at a reasonable level --- you can have fewer, but not more than 5 pupils and a supervisor
Are we restricted in the subject?
No, not at all: please tackle any topic you want. We would prefer entries to steer clear of controversy if there are political matters raised, and we would not want criticism of any other country.

What about length? We think we might have about a half-hour Power Point presentation. Is that too long?
The judges would prefer that entries not exceed 15 minutes: remember that they have many entries to look at, then they have to discuss them in detail.
What are we going to be judged on?
A combination of presentation, content, interest and, of course, accuracy. Remember that we have people on the judges' panel who know Pakistan very well indeed. For more information see Judging Criteria.
We have to work in our spare time and may not meet the date for entry. Is there any chance of extra time?
The judges have to start their work in the last week of January and are working to very tight deadlines. However, you may make a request, if delayed, which will be put before the judges.
Can we register after the date given on the website?
Please adhere to the programme of work indicated on the website. If an extension is granted, it will be advertised on the Experience Pakistan website.
Why can I not login to see the other schools presentations?

The judges have decided that presentations should not be accessed publicly on the web before the end of January. This will avoid problems of unintentional duplication of content and IT ideas. The schools link requires different passwords to those that you were issued with or created when you registered.

Why did only 5 teams win this year, when 6 teams won last year?

We did have six schools accompany the tour last year only because the participating students in a number of teams were fewer than five. Ultimately from the six schools, we had a total of 25 students proceed on tour. Our budget is approved by the Board of Trustees and does not provide for any additions to the number of members accompanying.

Bulletin Board
Do we have to register to create a new topic or reply to a message?
Yes you do, but it is purely for monitoring reasons in case somebody posts an unacceptable message.
Can anybody use the Bulletin Board?
The Bulletin Board is intended for use by people who have registered for the Experience Pakistan competition and is also intended for the winners to get in touch with each other and maintain those friendships and share their stories about their tour of Pakistan.