About Experience Pakistan

Experience Pakistan 2002 marked the Inaugural Project that was open to pupils of year 9 & 10 to research any aspect of Pakistan and then produce a web based, multi-media presentation on their chosen subject(s). A panel of judges, comprising eminent personalities, who have all had an association with Pakistan in their individual or professional capacities, assessed the presentations.

The winners of the competition – a total of five teams from four Schools – comprising thirty two children, seven accompanying teachers and seven panel judges embarked on a ten day trip to Pakistan from 26th March to 6th April 2002, where the British High Commissioner provided the perfect launch to the tour with a barbecue and swim party at his residence.

Planned to expose these guests to a wholesome Pakistan Experience, the trip covered key geographical and historical landmarks of Pakistan. With visits to schools, cultural centres, places of historical significance and an exposure to some of the leisure activities offered in the country, the party was given a good feel for life in Pakistan. Playing the traditionally gracious host was best typified by the President of the country himself when he invited the whole visiting group over for a cup of tea and provided candid answers to some searching questions about the internal politics of Pakistan and the regional situation.

Why Experience Pakistan

Experience Pakistan is an Internet based competition and all activity relating to the Project is web based as far as possible. Not only is the Experience Pakistan Project entirely consistent with the teaching of ICT in schools but also the ‘focus on citizenship’ in education. The Project provides an opportunity for a team, a year group or indeed the entire school, to benefit from researching a specific ethnic constituent of British Citizenry and demonstrate their achievement of this dimension to education.

To this end, the Experience Pakistan Project is themed around research into any one of the given topics with a view to developing a multimedia presentation using Information and Communications Technology tools. A panel of judges will assess the presentations and the winners awarded a 10-day tour to Experience Pakistan. During this tour, the winners will be cyber-twinned with schools in Pakistan of comparable standing, curriculum and facilities to set forth the association by undertaking joint projects, curriculum development initiatives and student interaction through the medium of the Internet.

Akhter Education Trust

Akhter Computers Limited has been providing computer and communication solutions to Education since the early 1980’s. In 1998 the company established the Akhter Education Trust to promote understanding between the youth of Britain and Pakistan.

The Trust is keen to promote exposure of the multicultural British Youth to Pakistan on the basis of demonstrated interest in seeking understanding of its people, customs and history. This led to the launch of the Experience Pakistan initiative in 2001.

Designed to encourage the use of information and communication technology, with emphasis on developing research skills, Experience Pakistan is an annual competition in which all schools in the UK are eligible and invited to participate. Based on developing multi-media presentations around designated subjects, Experience Pakistan climaxes in a trip to Pakistan offered and sponsored by the Akhter Education Trust.