This guide contains vital information about how YOUR TEAM can win a trip to Pakistan!

Due to the success of the annual Experience Pakistan competition and the amount of entries we are now receiving every year, we can now only accept entries on CD's. Any entries received by email or on floppy disks will be disqualified.

Therefore we have compiled a list of Do's and Don'ts for those that are serious about winning the Experience Pakistan competition.


• Send entries by email

Send entries on Floppy Disks

• Just copy and paste from text books, or the Internet etc. Many presentations include text from the Judges own books on Pakistan who are not only experts but are familiar with all publications on Pakistan.

Have a technically brilliant presentation but is lacking in research and/or other areas. The judges are looking for an all round consistent presentation and mark according to the Judging Criteria. Therefore a presentation could have a high score in one area but show a low score in another.


Make Your presentation automatic. This means if your presentation is in Powerpoint for example then it should continue on to the next slide without any manual clicking. Similarly if the presentation is in any other software like a website or uses flash, then it must be in the form of a guided tour. ideally your CD should be autoplay.

D0 try to include sound or video or maybe both. The judges don't have time to read every single word on every presentation and often music or a simple narration can stress an important part of your presentation.

Do check that sound or video work on more than one PC before posting your competition entry. Many entries arrive without sound when there clearly should be, this then entails informing the competitors that there is a problem with the CD and for them to redo the CD with sound, check it and then post it again. This causes delay for the Judges and the announcement of the winners of the competition.

Try to make your presentation stand out, what can you do differently? remember that you may have chosen a topic or theme that many others have also chosen. Moat Community College (winners - Experience Pakistan 2002) had a theme of a boat sailing down the Indus river to music recorded by one of their former pupils. Also remember that many presentations can be very similar, for example they may include the Pakistan National Anthem or over use the sound effects found within Powerpoint.

Do include a bibliography. Occasionally some presentations or facts about Pakistan maybe wrong, but this may not be the result of your team getting it wrong, it could be an opinion of an author, a misquote, lack of understanding etc. and a bibliography would help the judges in how you have interpreted your source of Information.

Do include your School Name, Team Name, Supervisors and Students Names plus the title of the topic or theme you have chosen on your presentation. We do take mitigating factors into account like lack of video and sound facilities. students background, understanding of ICT software and other factors, but please include these within your presentation as we receive many letters accompanying the CD's and the judges may not get to read your letters stating mitigating circumstances.