The Project

The Opportunity is yours…

To win the Experience Pakistan competition by excelling in research of a specific aspect of Pakistan – the land and its people, and portraying your keen understanding through a multimedia presentation using ICT tools.

The Rules

The first step is to register your participation by clicking here You can change some details at a later date. Decide your team and prepare a multimedia presentation about an aspect of Pakistan lasting no more than 15 minutes from the research themes listed below.

Due to the success of the annual Experience Pakistan competition and the amount of entries we are now receiving every year, we can now only accept entries on CD's. Any entries recieved by email or on floppy disks will be disqualified.

The presentations must be as automatic as possible. For example, If your submission is a Powerpoint presentation, then each slide must be set using the in-built timer with Powerpoint. There must be no manual clicking through to the next slide. Alternatively if other software is used, then this must also be automatic, i.e. if Flash is used then this must automatically navigate through all areas of the presentation, again with no manual clicking of the mouse. These rules also apply to any other software chosen.

Serious about winning? then click here for a list of do's and don'ts and how to win!


The Experience Pakistan 2006 competition is open to pupils of Year 9 and 10 (Average 14/15 years of age) in all schools all over the UK.

Participation is teams of up to FIVE PUPILS and a SUPERVISING TUTOR.

Substitutions, if any, may be notified no later than the last day of registration.

There is no bar on the number of teams that may be entered by a school. All activity – from registration to interaction with the Project Management team, submission of project presentations and announcement of results – will be web based.

The supervising tutor will be expected to accompany the party from their school on the trip to Pakistan, should they be one of the winners. She or he will be expected to assume full responsibility for the party.

All members of the team must be in the same school year, there must be no helpers from other years. This is due to the fact that we take the importance of students exams very seriously and should you win, then events like the Presentation Ceremonies and tour of Pakistan do not interfere with an important academic year and students exams.

The Requirement

Participating teams will be required to select a team to suit the range of expertise required to produce the presentation e.g. ICT, research, presentation, artistic and language skills.

Select a subject that stimulates interest.

Carry out research utilising a wide variety of sources to collect material for a fifteen-minute multimedia presentation.

Employ a variety of multimedia tools to prepare the presentation.

Record all sources utilised for the purpose of research in the presentation.

Record individual credits to team members to acknowledge their contribution.

List the tools and technology that were used in the process of producing the presentation.

Hand in your presentation for assessment and…keep your fingers crossed!

Research Themes

Participants are free to choose from the following list of topics at the time of registration:

Discovering Muhammad Ali Jinnah; the Creator of Pakistan.

Discovering Sir Muhammad Iqbal; the Poet-Philosopher of Pakistan.

The Indus Valley Civilisation; Pakistan’s geographical and historical moorings.

Arts, crafts, folklore, festivals and fairs of the Pakistani people.

Unity in Diversity; the geographic, ethnic, cultural and linguistic mosaic called Pakistan.

The Sport of Kings and the King of all Sports; Polo and its origins in Pakistan.

•  Pakistan Today; sights and sounds from all over the land.

The Military Heritage - discovering the shared heritage of military tradition between the British and Pakistan Armies.

Entries will be assessed on the individual quality of research and presentation in accordance with the research themes; there is therefore, no limit to the number of teams selecting a particular topic.



The deadlines below are adhered to as much as possible, however all dates are subject to change. Advanced warnings of any date/time changes will be given as much as possible.

Please Note: All dates maybe subject to change

Serial No Activity Date    (Dates may be subject to change)
2 Registration Opens Open Ended
4 Submission of Multimedia Presentation 25th January 2007
5 Entries shortlisted - Schools informed 21st February 2007
6 Main presentation Viewing for the Judges 2nd February 2007
5 Results Announced week commencing 5th February 2007
6 Presentation Ceremony 21st February 2007
7 Experience Pakistan Tour 17th October - 27th October 2007



Please Note: All dates maybe subject to change


Serial No Activity Date    (Dates may be subject to change)
2 Registration Opens Open Ended
4 Submission of Multimedia Presentation TBA
5 Entries shortlisted - Schools informed TBA
6 Main presentation Viewing for the Judges TBA
5 Results Announced TBA
6 Presentation Ceremony TBA
7 Experience Pakistan Tour TBA


The winning teams come together at the House of Lords for a Presentation Ceremony during February half term week, where the schools will be awarded salvers and the students medals and certificates to commemorate their achievement. The fitting finale of this ceremony is a tour of the Houses of Parliament traditionally conducted by Lord Weatherill and no one does it better!

The climax of the Project is the ten-day Experience Pakistan Tour for the winners accompanied by some of the judges and hosts from Akhter, which will take place during Spring 2008. The tour will carry the young ambassadors to Islamabad where it all begins with an audience with eminent personalities, visits to the historic Khyber Pass, the Himalayas, a number of architectural and archaeological sites, the centuries old museum in the fifteen-hundred year old city of Lahore. The winners partake of sport, entertainment and the local fare, meet sporting heroes and visit public and private schools for an official “Cyber-Twinning” with them.